All about new cars for 2014

Every single man has some kind of special attachment when it comes to car. It is that speed which increases adrenaline, which makes you go crazy, and which, of course, turns on women as well. So, let us check out which new cars for 2014 are we expecting! Ready, steady, go!


Any BMW fans in here?
Here it comes, the most expected one out of all new cars for 2014- BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe! This amazing car represents the most sophisticated match of pure elegance and strong dynamic. Read more »

Best Lexus GS 2014

A new star is born! For all the passionate fans of cars, we finally have Lexus GS 2014 taking over the stage, so let us see what this babe has to offer!

Lexus GS

You are so gonna love it!
What appear to be the most striking features of this models are 6-speed automatic transmission, with strong traction and stability control. Talking about front and rear suspension, you will find them independent, with front having double wishbones, and rare having multi-link. It has the power of 306 horse power. You will find its massive LCD extremely useful, because it gives you full set of needed information. Read more »

Best new cars 2014 for everyone

Everything is developing so fast, so everybody’s trying to keep up with all the trends, and the same is for automobile industry. Guys have always loved furious automobiles, either to have them, either to dream of them, so let us check out some of the best new models 2014.

Best Porsche Cayman

Leave some space for the new VW comin’!
All the Volkswagen fans are anxiously waiting for the new VW GTI. No wonder this is thought to be one of new cars for 2014, because it is so improved that it goes beyond anybody’s belief! Get ready to enjoy bigger brakes, mechanical clutch-type diff, and lots more! Read more »